So we bagged these three hoes coming off the train staion told them we was goin to a party and they hopped right in the truck. It was a all out freak fest from their. Seeing which hoe was the freakiest of the bunch. A night to remember. Must see!!
125 ST HOE
We bag this chick right here on 125st in Harlem. I cant even tell you what her name was but it was just to easy to get her to come along. Any way we got her back to the crib and she just jumped out the clothes. I let my boy slut her out fucking her in the ass and all.
This chick, dont even know her name so ima call her Nutface. She came all the way from the Bx to my boy crib. She was fronting like she never sucked dick before but we all knew she was lying. She juggled to dicks like a pro and got the load all over her face. Seemed like you sucked dick plenty of times to me
I got to start remembering these hoes name. Any way bagged this one at the puerto rican day parade. She had a banging body to. brought her back to the crib and let my boy fuck her brains out. She gave head like a rookie but the pussy was A plus. A must see.
We met this chick Sin at one of our Brain Fest events. She was trying to go home with everybody on the team. So at the eand of the night we got her in the truck and she started popping off instantly. Brought her back to the crib and she gave up the ass instantly. And she took it like a pro too. A must see
CHYNA is a bad lil spanish hoe we bagged in queens. She didnt even wait to we got back to the crib to get it popping she started sucking dick right in the car. We got her upstairs to my boy crib and finish slutting her out in the kitchen. She was speaking all types of shit n spanish shit I was gonna jmp in myself.
So we bag this chick from far rock and brought her back to the crib. today was a lil different because my boy Nick was with me. This nigga just love being ignorant. Instead of just fucking her he start doing all kinds of funny shit. Even stepping on the bith head. You got to check this seen out.
THE 4th July Hoe
What would you do for a dollar? That was the question we was asking this past 4th of July. Well we got this chick name Honey to show us just that. We brought her up to the roof top and had my oys Moe and Gutter slut her out. She was going crazy for the dick. A must see
Ms Get Right
we meet Ms Get Right in the hood of Brownville whilie she was walking around trying to cope something good to smoke my man trashman hollar at next thing i know she suck dick in the back seat of my truck these hood hoes are truly hoes.
Tulips is a hoodstar, she always DTF aka Down To Fuck, you can call her over anytime and she know what time it, she the girl in the hood everyone had, she has no shame in her game, she'll tell you she always DTF
Natasha Nunez
While hanging with Rome Major we run into this spanish freak Natasha Nunez. She was so shy in the beginnig but aint nothing for a player kick a lil game then had. Rome fuck this freak until she couldnt take no more of the dick. Finishing her off with a nice facial to take home.
Rumpalious is back back with that sexy green eyes and that big black ass i looks bigger better than ever, in this update. This time around we had her in the hotel for some THREESOME action. She sucked and fucked the whole team begging for more cocks. A real slut indeed. Do i sense a round 3.
While hanging in the nyc hood we ran is to this slim goody at the corner store, i could tell by the way she was talking, that she was a freak and wanted the dick, so i brought her to my man trap house and give her more dick then she could handle
coming soon
coming soon more hood hoes

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